Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a few of the questions that we are frequently asked about Rally Round Mastermind Groups.

How far in advance are sessions scheduled?

Sessions are scheduled a year in advance and with input from group members.

What happens if I miss a session?

Things arise that will mean you have to miss a session, but we do expect a level of commitment that makes it a rare occurrence. If you miss more than two sessions in a year, not only do you pay for those missed sessions, but you will be charged a $150 missed session fee. This fee is solely to encourage your attendance since your group members are counting on your advice. Rally Rounds will then donate this fee to a charity of your choice – we’d rather have your participation over your penalty fee.

Members are expected to inform the facilitators in advance if they must miss and can be asked to leave if absent more than three times in a year without notice.

If you do miss a session, you can watch the video of the missed call via the library, and provide your input on the discussion board to help your peers.

How long is membership?

Everyone one joins a Rally Round for a minimum of 12 months in order to fully experience the benefits of the group. After that, you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. However, the goal of a mastermind group is to create a close-knit connection between all participants that the group will continue for years.

What happens if a member drops out?

If a member leaves a group, we’ll begin to look for a replacement right away, starting with any suggestions from current group members. The existing members of the group will have the opportunity to discuss and vet any potential replacements to their group before anyone is officially added.

How much does participation cost?

There are three pricing options to choose from, starting at a price similar to what you’d spend to attend an industry conference. You can choose to be billed annually or quarterly. A 10 percent discount is available for anyone who pays a year in advance.

Exact pricing is included in the application for those truly interested in joining.

What if I don't like the peers I'm paired with?

When you are first assigned to a group, you will receive a list of other members to review before you join. You will get to agree, at face value, that these look like people you can learn from and they will analyze you the same way.

If after participating for a few months, you decide you aren’t meshing with the group, you are first encouraged to come to the facilitators. We’re here to help navigate any situation where a member feels uncomfortable. We will do our best to address all issues. Should there be another group that is a good fit, we may move you to that group if it’s your preference, as long as the group approves your membership.

In the rare case where there is no immediate solution, we’ll consider letting your end your participation early and refunding any pre-paid sessions.

Are there opportunities for in-person meetings?

If at a later date, members of the group want to hold an in-person meeting, we would love to do so. Otherwise, we encourage members to meet up at industry events like the ENGAGE conference. If one of the facilitators will be at an event, we’ll try to gather all Rally Round participants together for an informal get-together.

Can I contact our group outside our monthly meetings?

Of course! Deep personal relationships between members is at the heart of mastermind groups. You can contact anyone in your group through the message board, by email or phone – however you prefer.

How does Rally Rounds compare to my association's special interest group (SIG)?

SIGs dedicated to accounting firm growth are great learning opportunities and a great way to network with others in your profession. Rally Rounds differ in a few ways:

  • There is more structure, accountability and frequent interaction built into these mastermind groups.
  • Each Rally Round is limited to no more than eight consistent members who agree to attend each call.
  • Everyone is required to set goals to which other members hold them accountable
  • Members are committed to helping you be successful.
  • Facilitators remain the same and pull upon their experiences to offer additional insights.
  • With a structured format, everyone participates and no one will monopolize the discussion

Rally Rounds is a great way to expand your peer group beyond those in your association!

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