To start, group members are carefully vetted and chosen to create an environment where each participant gets (and gives) as much value to the others as possible.

You will get a chance to review who else is assigned to your group before your membership starts. Once assigned to a group, you become a continual member of your group. Everyone will have to join for a minimum of one year, as it takes time to build relationships with your peers to receive the maximum benefit. After that, you can leave your group at any time with 30 days notice. The facilitators and the group will then work together to fill any open spots within an existing group to ensure the right combination of peers. This will allow for the group to continue in perpetuity.

Participants will receive:


Once launched, each group will attend a 90-minute, monthly video session. (A video camera is a requirement.) Each member is expected to share challenges and goals as well as offer advice and support to other members. Don’t confuse this with a support group though, accountability is built into the DNA of Rally Rounds and each member is responsible for working toward the success of the entire group.


Between monthly sessions, members have access to a password-protected discussion board and file sharing member-only site to continue the discussion, share issues as they arise, review the video of their call, and access a growing library of information on a variety of topics. The facilitators will also monitor the discussion board and offer their advice. To keep you accountable to what you said you want to accomplish, regular check in on the status of each person’s goals will be conducted on the discussion list so fellow members can offer encouragement and celebrate successes.


In essence, Rally Rounds are a collection of people with similar job titles who are willing and committed to helping the others in the group succeed, meet their goals and grow their firms. The groups are led by two highly respected and experienced people in the accounting profession. In fact, both facilitators have been named more than once to Accounting Today’s annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in Accounting!


For those who want additional support, expanded Rally Round memberships are available that include quarterly or monthly consulting time.

  • Option 1:

    Monthly video call + access to discussion board and library

  • Option 2:

    Option 1 + one hour of consulting per quarter, as needed, with Katie or Bonnie

  • Option 3:

    Option 1 + 30 minutes of consulting per month, scheduled regularly, with Katie or Bonnie

How Rally Rounds Helped Me

Learn from your peers and our facilitators

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