Apply for Membership

Joining a Rally Round mastermind group is not for everyone, and membership requires commitment and a high level of collaboration. But the results of participation can be truly amazing. If being a part of a small group of professionals with similar responsibilities and experiences dedicated to helping one another be successful sounds interesting, we would love for you to apply.

Download the Application that Best Matches Your Role

Once a Rally Round is formed, it runs continuously even though members move in and out from time to time. In addition, new groups are formed regularly. That’s why applications are constantly being accepted – so we have the best mix of people in a group at all times. If you have questions about this application process, contact us.

Marketing Professional

Any marketer, from a newbie to a director, should use this application. In it, you will be able to select the marketing mastermind group(s) you are interested in.


Non-owner CPAs or practitioners who are looking to improve their business development (a.k.a. sales) responsibilities should use this application.

marketing partner

Any partners who are responsible for their overseeing their firm’s marketing/growth efforts, this application will match you with others in the same role.


This application is for those sole proprietors and owners/partners in smaller accounting firms with responsibility for driving revenue through marketing and sales.